VetSpec Joint Mobility

Available in...

A 500g tub, 12 weeks supply for a 20kg dog or a 200g tub, 4 weeks supply for a 20kg dog

  • Full tracability of all ingredients.
  • Wheat gluten free.
  • Includes anti-oxidants to help reduce oxidative damage.
  • Rich in Glucosamine, MSM and Chrondroitin to optimise joint mobility.

Product Description

VetSpec Joint Mobility is a highly specified canine supplement ideal for all dogs to support joint flexibility and arthritis and aid the natural anti-inflammatory process. It is specially formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and anti-oxidants. We have more information about joint supplements for dogs in our information section.

Ideal for:

  • Dogs with poor mobility
  • Nutritional support for dogs with arthritis
  • Older dogs (also see VetSpec Senior)
  • Dogs in hard physical work
  • Following skeletal injury
  • Recovery from limb and pelvic operations
  • Stiff dogs
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Feeding Guide

Body Weight Up to 10kg 15kg 20kg 30kg 40kg 50+kg
Corgi /
Jack Russell
Border Collie /
Cocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel /
Retriever /
Rottweiler /
German Shepherd
Bull Mastif /
Great Dane
Daily Quantity
3 4.5 6 7.5 9 10.5
Level 5ml
1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5
A 500g tub will
last (days)
167 111 83 66 55 47
VetSpec Joint Mobility

Customers Say:

"Top Agility Dogs have a demanding schedule! A long competitive season, coupled with regular training, puts extra pressure on their joints. To be able to train and compete at international standard we need to make sure we are giving our dogs the best. We choose VetSpec Joint Mobility as it contains Glucosamine and all the recommended ingredients and is easy to mix into their regular meals"

- Alan & Jackie Gardner.