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Caring for Puppies

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Dear New Puppy Owner

Congratulations on your new-found status as a puppy owner! This is the beginning of a long and trusting relationship with your new best friend.

You will have already invested a lot of time in researching the dog most suited to you. You are now entering the next, and most exciting, phase of your journey - taking your puppy home!

This booklet offers you practical tips and advice to help you through the vital stages of early development and day-to-day care of your puppy. It also incorporates information about your puppy’s food, establishing a training programme and ensuring his overarching healthcare. This is a booklet you can quickly refer to for answers to those little queries that may develop as you get to know your puppy.

You can learn about the excellence in canine nutrition that VetSpec provides, which will give your puppy the best nutritional start he could hope for. Before long your puppy will literally come on in leaps and bounds as you both prepare for a lifetime of friendship and wonderful adventures together.

We hope to support you in building this lasting relationship with your dog, which will bring you both happiness and companionship for many years to come.

Download Caring for Puppies Booklet