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Wellbeing and Weight Control Guide

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Dear Dog Owner

In today’s busy world, we are always being told to make time for our health and keep an eye on our weight. Well the same can be said for our pet dogs too. The difference being that you, as the owner, must take responsibility for the physical weight of your dog.

Just as we know to be true in humans, the correct bodyweight for a dog significantly reduces the risks of heart disease, diabetes and mobility issues.

This booklet offers you practical tips and advice to help you get your dog to a healthy weight and then maintain that weight, to give your dog the optimum lifestyle for a healthy and lasting life.

We hope you find this information both helpful and supportive as our aim is to encourage you and your dog to have a strong and robust life together. The healthier your dog, the more adventures you can both enjoy over the years to come.

Download Wellbeing and Weight Control Guide Booklet